I am always being asked for recommendations on everything from supplements to food suppliers and producers and other healthy products.  Here are the major players that contribute to the good health in my life.


Food Based nutritional supplements


There is a very good reason that Cytoplan have been supplying health care professionals for years, because their quality of products are so good. A great choice for supplements, I particularly like their essential fatty acid range of oils and love their krill oil and Lem-O-3 oil flavoured fish oil which my kids delight in having everyday.

They also supply a great dry skin brush, cotton cloths and castor oil for packing and a handy sized enema kit, all of which make up my invaluable low cost bag of tools for keeping healthy.


Now when it comes to vitamins and minerals Nutrigold are often my preferred choice. Their Citrizorb range of minerals are in citrate form, which have superior absorption compared to other forms. 


Food Suppliers



If, like me, you dabble in raw foods and like adding superfoods like bee pollen, spirulina and chlorella to part of your everyday eating plan, which, lets face it we all need with the nutrients in our food being so depleted, then you will love the products on these sites.  You will also find the basic ingredients for making your own chocolate on these sites:







If you haven’t read about Earthing products yet, then its time you did, check out my blog on ‘Get Your Tootsies Out!!!’ Groundology sell all the earthing products you could possibly need to keep you in tip top health.  Just like going barefoot on the grass, their products help protect you from the modern day struggle with electrical pollution. My 2 favourite products are the earthing sheet and the earthing mat. The bed sheet gives you all the benefits you’d get from going barefoot soaking up all those health giving electrons 8 hours every night.





The earthing or grounding mat works in the same way but can be used whilst working at your computer or simply placed under your feet when you sit for periods of time.






I feel so blessed to have this amazing shop so near to me.  Infinity foods shop and cafe provide an extensive range of vegetarian and locally produced foods. Especially worth a visit is their in-house bakery that does a great range of gluten free baked products.  You could even club together with friends to save money and buy wholesale.



A great source of health articles, optimal wellness products, and a free natural health newsletter containing the latest up to date top medical news.  Also great to use as a search engine for any specific health information.