Praise from clients

Chronic fatigue sufferer with anxiety

I have been working with Sarah for 12 months and my life has changed quite dramatically. I don’t take my thinking so seriously anymore, and just marvel how it tries to trick me into thinking things are true. I find all of life more special, have more trust in my body but also don’t give myself a hard time when symptoms or busy mind takes over and I fall into the outside/in thinking. It’s often just funny or I get curious and just be kind to myself.

My relationship has improved, it’s hard to say how but I just don’t take things personally, and get really intrigued with how he thinks about things.

Before working with Sarah I was obsessed with my health, but I have seen how my constant ruminating was actually making me stay in the cycle of tiredness and anxiety.

I actually know now that my history has no affect on the me who is here in the now.

For probably 8 years or more I have taken a large amount of supplements and now take just a few.
Also I used to pace myself through the week and now sometimes I stop and think, wow haven’t thought that way for ages. I just do things as they come up, or don’t, it’s that simple.

It would of loved to have come into contact with this understanding and Sarah sooner, but had the best realisation walking the other day when I thought, I have this now for the rest of my life (which hopefully will be another 20 years) and I got sooo ! excited, it really thrilled me that I can keep learning and being involved in seeing more.

Thanks Sarah, you know how much I have loved it, and will continue the journey.
— Rhonda Pitman

Chronic fatigue sufferer with anxiety, migraines and nausea

I met with Sarah for the first time a couple of days before Christmas 2017. I had no idea what I was about to discover and the changes it would make in my life. I had suffered with anxiety for as long as I could remember which turned into Chronic Fatigue, adrenal burnout - call it what you want - about 4 years ago. I became housebound, suicidal at one stage and pretty much just existed from the time I got up until the time I could go back to bed.

I had made some progress over the past few years trying just about everything out there in the natural health field. I had become so sensitive to supplements that about 12 months ago I stopped trying and began to focus on things like meditation, EFT, energy work, yoga, life coaching. You name it, I tried it. It became a full time job just trying to relax my system. I kept thinking it had to be easier than this. Why is life so hard for me and other people seem to breeze through.

I have always struggled with social anxiety and even spending time with my family was something to be endured not enjoyed. Last Easter my eldest son and his newly pregnant wife visited for a couple of days and I spent the time just trying to manage my symptoms. I was relieved when they went and really wasn’t able to enjoy having them visit at all. The thought of becoming a Grandmother and being needed and involved in this new person’s life was overwhelming and I couldn’t see how I could cope which was heartbreaking to me.

Well fast forward to Easter this year. A visit from them again with a four 4 month old grandson was wonderful. I was able to spend time with my grandson and enjoy his activities instead of worrying about myself. I am still dealing with some symptoms but they are less severe and somehow don’t seem so scary anymore.

I had always struggled to be out at restaurants or cafes - always worried about my symptoms and how I would cope and felt pretty awful most of the time too. Last weekend we visited our kids in Adelaide and went out for lunch both days without even thinking about if I would be OK. There just wasn’t any thinking around it - I just went and enjoyed the meal. I remember thinking on the Sunday how different it felt to be feeling happy and relaxed while out somewhere. I don’t remember the last time I felt like that and I really enjoyed my meal too!

Somewhere in the past few month my anxiety seems to have receded. It just isn’t there anymore. I can drive into town (we live on a farm about 20 minutes from the nearest town) and don’t even dread it anymore. I used to do tapping, deep breathing, listen to calming music just so I could drive into town. At one stage I couldn’t drive or leave the house at all. Now I just drive and don’t even think about it. Occasionally I remember those old thoughts and the old habitual thinking crops up but now I recognise it and know what’s happening so it doesn’t last as long and it’s not as important anymore.

My husband and his parents, who are probably the people who I see the most and who definitely saw me at my worst have all commented on how I seem to so much brighter and better and I feel it too. My mood is generally a lot happier, my energy is improving and I know how far I’ve come just in a few months.

If I could go back in time before I met Sarah I would tell myself to give it a go. What have I got to lose. There is always hope and this is truly life changing.
— Heather Clarke

Poor immune system and low energy

I came to Sarah because my energy levels were all over the place. To give you an example: I would wake up super tired and then by 1pm I would need to nap and it was never enough. It was my diary year of being a mum and I had put it down to that but it turns out my body was completely out of balance.

Anytime my little one got sick, I would get sick too. Colds would last way more than usual and I was getting ulcers in my mouth. I was also petrified of him getting sick and not knowing what to do and would dread Leo getting ill because of how it would affect me.

During our time together Sarah showed me some techniques of self care. It was during this time I realized how little I had been looking after me. I also got some tests done and found that indeed my body was totally out of whack!

By the time I finished working with Sarah my energy levels are back on and I don’t feel the need to nap anymore (only when I want to of course!) I no longer dread Leo getting ill as I am able to look after him with a lot more confidence. In addition Leo has been sick twice and for the first time ever I haven’t actually got sick!

So if you want to get yourself back to better health, Sarah is your lady 😍
— Marina Pearson-Summers

Bi-polar with extreme anxiety

I’ve just come back from two days with Sarah and I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. I went to one of her workshops back in June and I’ve been working with her through Skype sessions since then, but these two days have really given me a shift in thinking.

It’s not that I suddenly think I can run a marathon, or that I feel elated, I just have a gentle sense of calm that has stayed with me since we ended our session yesterday afternoon. Its lasted through a 4 hour drive home that should have only taken and hour and a half, and through kids being awake and scared of the thunder for a good part of the night. Today I’m working my way through a fairly hefty to-do list without my usual low level panic and attempts to multi task. The calm might have gone by tomorrow, but that doesn’t even bother me as I know it’ll come back.

I’m really at the beginning of my understanding, but I’m already having moments of real clarity that some of the feelings I’ve struggled with in the past, are only my thoughts. I live with the label of bi-polar disorder and, over the past 30 years I’ve had numerous hospital admissions. September is usually the time when I’m most vulnerable to the start of feelings of despair and depression. Today, I have a real sense that there is no need to believe that this September will be the same; I’m OK today and I’ll see what tomorrow brings when we get there. But I have lost the need for the identity of someone living with bi-polar… doesn’t make very much sense to me today. Again, that might change tomorrow. Again, I feel OK about that.

I can’t wait for what the next few months will bring.
— Tricia Nicoll

Thyroid problem with anxiety

I came to Sarah initially for her nutritional knowledge and expertise, which lead on to learning about the psychology behind my health too and how that played an important role.

She is very accessible and professional in her approach but more importantly, it is her manner; calm, compassionate and insightful, that has helped to initiate the shifts that have taken place in my awareness. Primarily I find myself leading a more peaceful and harmonious life, having learnt that my behaviour need not be dictated by my thoughts and feelings.

The coaching has proven to be both enlightening and beneficial and I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah and her work.
— T. Spain

Thyroid problem with anxiety

Over the past 8 months Sarah has taught me how food effects our bodies, health in general, the principles behind what reates our experience and many other inspiring topics. Her expertise combined with a great sense of understanding has created the right environment for me to positively change, trusting in my own intuition again, reflecting on my day to day thoughts and habits. I am truly grateful to have worked with her and would like to do so again.
— Michelle F

Chronic migraines and fibromyalgia 

I started working with Sarah after hearing her at a talk last year and was impressed when she explained the way she works, the types of problems she helps clients with and how it changes their lives. I was very sick at the time and life felt quite hopeless. I felt helpless and exhausted all the time. I had been suffering bad migraines for 8 years with a constant unrelenting migraine for 8 months. I also had fibromyalgia; my limbs constantly hurt, I felt very weak and at times couldn’t function. I was literally exhausted 24/7. When I got up in the morning I didn’t feel refreshed, even after 14 hours and I was sleeping for 1 to 2 hours in the afternoon too, just to get through the day. I’m self employed and could only work a certain amount of hours a day. My life was pretty much sleeping or working and I didn’t have any extra energy to do anything else.

I must have seen up to 25 doctors and health practitioners over the years and no one knew what was going on. It was the first time in years and years that I deeply relaxed and felt reassured that Sarah could really help me. I really felt supported in Sarah’s hands. For someone who was chronically exhausted and had pains all the time that was a really big thing.

I am still recovering, but having worked with Sarah for just 3 months, I now have a completely different level of energy. I have days when I feel like a normal person now, which is quite amazing. I sometimes still get some aching or a slight migraine headache, but I know now why and what to do about it. When I’m really on track with my diet and supplements and the naturopathic techniques I don’t get any pains or headaches. I’ve had maybe only 2 headaches in the last 3 months and the intensity is much, much lower. My energy has improved a lot and I don’t notice any aching or only at a very low level now. Before it was so debilitating.

I’m out of bed most of the time now. I sleep much less, and I’m much more active as I have more energy. I’m not held back by pain. I’m still healing but I’m starting to have a life. I’m meeting friends again and starting to go out again.
— Veronika Kuehn

Sarah’s passion for knowledge combined with her compassion and caring create an unbeatable combination which fosters a great environment to make sense of nutritional and emotional concerns. I found my time with Sarah fascinating and unbelievably helpful. She has set me on a path which I can continue to explore and cultivate throughout the rest of my life. I am truly grateful.
— Amanda Baker

You know what Sarah, that was one of the most interesting and impactful conversations I’ve had in a long time. I didn’t realise how much thinking around food, health and fitness. I had and oddly I hadn’t seen the connection between food and ‘thinking about food’.

Yesterday I made mostly healthy choices but with a not-so-good cookie but I had no thoughts about it either. I also seemed to have more energy yesterday and I’m curious if that has anything to do with less self-obsessed thinking.

Also your insights about letting children have more freedom to make their own choices around food was an eye-opener. Maybe I can resign my role of food police in the house.

I got so much out of this. Glad we could connect. Big thanks.
— Graham Pallister

Chronic low energy

I was feeling very lethargic and tired with very poor concentration levels and memory fog. I thought I had candida problems and had worked on my nutrition for a while but without the results I had hoped. I thought it was about time my health was looked at by a qualified nutritionist. Sarah is very personable and friendly and she felt like the right person to help me. She came across as if she really cared.

The program I was on completely met my expectations and resolved all of my health problems. It actually ended up by being a B12 problem and with the right supplementation I now feel like a different person. The sessions were all very relaxed and on an easy, relaxed personable basis. Sarah is very knowledgeable and so was very helpful in covering all aspects of nutrition. She highlighted particular areas that needed attention, including my vegetable intake and introducing me to the world of non-sugary smoothies. My health has improved beyond belief; in fact it’s been a bit of an awakening. I have a ridiculous amount of energy now. I was lucky to come across Sarah or I could have been in the same position I’d been in for many years. I think it was fate.
— Justin Gregory

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I have had years of IBS and a diagnosis of Fatty Liver. I specifically chose Sarah due to being highly recommended. The consultation far exceeded my expectations. Sarah came up with fabulous and workable strategies for change and for managing the changes I needed to make. My overall health has improved beyond all recognition. I can now control my IBS as thanks to Sarah the cause has been identified. It is no overstatement to say that categorically Sarah has changed my life for the better. Sarah is completely amazing. I have recommended Sarah to many people and will continue doing so. I actually think that people cannot afford NOT to see Sarah!!!
— Christopher Blewett

Thyroid problem

I saw Sarah as I had been ill with an under active thyroid and diverticulitis, with a history of IBS for many years. The consultation exceeded my expectations and Sarah was extremely helpful and had a lovely friendly approach. I was given helpful information in every way. She talked me through every problem and explained in detail what was going on in my body and how she could help me. I cannot tell everyone how much I have improved in such a short space of time. My thyroid blood count has halved in 2 months, and the discomfort in my colon is less painful, and I have days when I have no pain at all. My energy levels have improved and my enthusiasm for doing activities has returned.

I am now on a different diet, and although I had always taken vitamins, Sarah has guided me to obtain the correct balance, explaining in detail exactly how they work in my system. I have been doing all of her suggestions with other procedures. It has been a life changing experience.

From the moment you first meet Sarah you will be put at ease. She will guide you in the right direction without putting you under any pressure It is then up to each individual to follow her guidance and she will always be there to advise with any problems one encounters.
— Eileen Aviss