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1-Day Life-Changing Workshop - Creating a Stress-free Life










“Imagine A Life Where You Never Need To Feel Stressed, Rushed Or Worried Ever Again – And Still Manage To Get Everything Done…”

Learn the one thing you need to live a stress-free life, full of joy, love, peace and connection.

Many of us have been on the quest for a healthier, stress free, richer, experience of life – and I’m about to show you how that might really be possible for you.

But first, I want to ask you a few simple, important questions…

 Have you ever…

·      Felt like you’re on a hamster wheel moving from one stressful event to the next without really enjoying life?

·      Found yourself with low energy, and a constantly busy mind?

·      Spent a lot of time and/or money looking in different directions for answers only to find conflicting advice from books, friends, workshops and the internet and still feel no nearer to living a stress-free life…?

·      Wondered what it would be like to have more patience and not to get irritated or overwhelmed so you can really enjoy life in a way you might never have before?


“I Used To Not Be Able To Get Out Of Bed Because I Was So Burnt Out From Stress…”


"I was a mum with 2 young kids and every day felt like a massive struggle.  There was little or no pleasure in my life as I seemed to trudge through each day doing one mundane after the next. It was always "I'll be happy when..." But I never quite seemed to get there, everything seemed stressful.

I was so exhausted by constant, anxious, circulating thoughts and my low energy had me clockwatching and looking forward to returning to my bed for the evening, where I would try and switch off from the day and hope for something better when I woke the next day.  Life was pretty joyless and my relationships were really suffering."


“There Is Hope – We’ve Been Spending All Our Lives Trapped In An Innocent Stress-Inducing Illusion…”


The truth is, the whole world has been dealing with the ‘stress-issue’ based on an illusion. All the books you’ve read & courses you’ve been on haven’t gotten to the root of the issue, because most of the authors and seminar leaders are trapped in the illusion themselves.

What if I told that you already have within you everything you need for innate wellbeing to live a stress-free life of happiness and ease?

In one powerful, life-changing day, you’re going to discover how to see through the illusion once and for all, so you can lead a totally stress-free life…



“Creating A Stress-Free Life: The 1-Day

Life-Changing Workshop”


MODULE 1: The Stress Delusion

·      The biggest myth that keeps people trapped in stress & worry, even if they try meditation, visualisation, affirmations and a whole host of other personal development tools.

·    Why you perpetuate the habit of thinking you're going to be okay when the next day, week, month or year is done even though it hasn't worked up until now.

·      Why control has seemed like a good plan to keep you feeling okay but distances you in your relationships.


MODULE 2: The True Source Of Stress

·      Uncover the hidden challenges that create low moods, worry and stress, and look at how you really experience life and that the perception of 'stress' is not what we've been told.

·      You've been innocently taught to look at the detail of your life as the source of stress, you'll be shown how you've been seeing it 'Outside-In'.

·      You'll see why some people are prone to stress where others never seem to struggle and why it can be that way for you.


MODULE 3: How To Eliminate Stress Forever

·      Discover the mechanism of how we create our day-to-day experience & see your capacity to have a joyful, stress-free day everyday no matter what is happening in your life.

·      Find greater peace and wellbeing in every area of your life which will reduce conflict for a more relaxed home and find you truly connecting with your loved ones.

·      Create the space for you to gain an understanding of the inside out paradigm, which is so simple yet so groundbreaking, and refreshingly, without the need for any strategies, tools or techniques.

·      Find your own inner child to really enjoy life.

·     Open you up to a world of possibility to really enjoy your relationships, your work, your whole life in a way you never have before.


“Here’s What People Are Saying About Our Last Workshop…”


“I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for a life-changing course the weekend before last. I think I must have told about a dozen people about how amazing it was! ”

  Nadeem Azam

“I have been to a couple of Sarah's workshops now and the best way I think I can describe them are by likening them to a feeling your body gets when you've visited an amazing spa; you feel alive, rejuvenated but calm and relaxed.  It's like that but applies to your mind rather than your physical body.

The added bonus is that, unlike a spa where your body soon feels tired and sluggish and the relaxed spa day is a distant memory all too soon, this feeling of wellbeing keeps coming through at different times, and for weeks and months after. You have a lot of 'aha' moments even when you don't expect them.  For me personally the workshops are invaluable days for everything and nothing all at once and Sarah makes you feel instantly calmer, reassured and better, she is an amazing trainer.”

  Kerry Moallemi

“Since learning about the inside out paradigm I find myself leading a more peaceful and harmonious life, having learnt that my behaviour need not be dictated by my thoughts and feelings.”

— T Spain

“Thank you so much for an inspirational workshop. After leaving the venue I found myself feeling unusually calm and peaceful. Everything around me seemed brighter and clearer like I was seeing life through a new filter. It was really uplifting and has left me wanting to find out more." 

— Mary McAreavey


“What Makes This Workshop Totally Different To Anything Else You Might Have Tried…?”


·      What you'll learn doesn't have to be implemented as it works on a realisation model and not a mastery model - this means no practising or having to 'work at it' (or beating yourself up won't you don't).

·      You won't have to keep up with tricks and strategies to remember what you've learnt in the workshop, once you've 'seen it' you can't unsee it - it's a whole new understanding that once you see it will be with you for the rest of your life.

·      The space we'll create is for you to have new insight and a rise in conciousness, which will automatically eliminate stress from your life, irrespective of how challenging your circumstances are.


“Here’s What We’ll Do Together…”


 It's a One Day Workshop in a peaceful setting on a Saturday so you don't have to take a day off work. You'll get the understanding in one short, powerful day and unlike a webinar, I will be there with you in person to guide you through the day.  There won't be any distractions that you might get from home distance learning and you will get to completely immerse yourself for maximum impact.


“What Would It Be Worth To You, To Be Stress-free Forever…?”


What will your life look like one, five or ten years from now if stress, anxiety and worry is still the undercurrent of your daily life? How much energy and effort are you using to continue experiencing life in this way? What effect is it having on your work, relationships and your health?  


I know this might all sound 'hypey', but the truth is that when you 'get' the Inside-Out Paradigm, you'll realise that all of these things are natural outcomes of it and I'm actually understating how amazing your life becomes when you experience thishuge internal shift.


“The Stress-Free Guarantee”

And, To Make This A Total No-Brainer…

If by the end of the event you don't feel like you got what you wanted then you can have a full refund.


SPECIAL BONUS: Personal, One-To-One Stress Solution Follow Up Session to implement changes


I want to make sure absolutely EVERYONE who comes to this small, intimate event really gets the deep understanding I’m sharing. That’s why I’m including a session with me personally after the event. During the session we will outline any challenges you have and revisit how the understanding can overcome them (though you may well find by then the challenge has already resolved itself!). We will...

 ·      Create a vision of the stress-free life you aspire to

 ·      Look at the challenges that are getting in the way of what you want to achieve

 ·      Get clarity on moving towards your goals

You could continue through life moving from one stressful event to the next anxious, rushed and worried or you could attend this life-changing workshop, where you will see for yourself that a stress-free life is not only possible, but exactly within your capacity to experience.  Why not come and transform your life?

I'd really love to meet up with you in person and take you through this incredible journey.


Peace, Love & Blessings,



p.s. This is a one off life changing day for £95 and it comes with a free one to one stress-solution coaching session. 


Here's All The Information You Need....

Date: Saturday, 15th October, 2016

Time: 9:45am registration to start at 10am to 4pm

Venue:  The Cornerstone Community Centre, Church Road, Hove, BN3 2FL

Price:  £95





Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.