Surviving fussy eating

As parents we want nothing better for our children than for them to grow up making healthy choices around food.  It might surprise you to hear that this doesn't necessarily mean picking broccoli over chocolate. 

There has never been a time when more mums and dads are dieting or trying to lose weight than now.  Like learning to walk and talk, our children don't learn by being told, but by mimicking what we do as parents, so it is far more important to examine our relationship with food, than to try and control what our children eat.

For the large part food does not have the potential to make us feel a certain way, i.e. happy, rewarded, punished, (though granted it can make us feel sick, give a blood sugar rush or make us feel energised), it is the thinking we have around the food that has the potential to make us feel that way and NOT the food itself.   Food does not have the power that many of us give it regardless of whether you think of it as a 'bad' food or a 'good' food.  It is the thinking we associate with the food that creates the unhealthy habits.

Whether you are a vegan, raw foodie or a ready meal microwaver, it is the contaminated thinking we have around the associations with food that we can potentially pass on to our children that is the real stickler.  The less thinking our children have around food, the more likely they are to use their own intuition and make the right choices for them, because if there is one thing I know for certain, it is that my children will not necessarily thrive on the food choices I make for myself.  If we take a step back then they are far more likely to make good choices for themselves.

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