to Apr 22

Awakening To Your Innate Health

Do You Struggle With Your Health ?

On this Transformational Weekend You'll Discover...

  • Why you'll never have to depend on tools and techniques, like meditation, to get through your day again, but instead can be naturally guided to make the health & liftestyle choices that work best for your body and make you feel incredible. 
  • Insight-Based Transformation - What you'll learn in this life changing weekend doesn't have to be implemented - as it works on a realisation model and not a mastery model - meaning no practicing or having to 'work at it' (or beating yourself up if you don't). 
  • Inner Guidance Intelligence - You won't have to keep up with tricks and strategies to remember what you've learnt, once you've 'seen it' you can't 'unsee it' - it's a whole new understanding that once you do 'see it', it will be with you for the rest of your life.

Join Me For 2 Days To Completely Transform Your Life, From The Inside-Out.

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