I met with Sarah for the first time a couple of days before Christmas 2017. I had no idea what I was about to discover and the changes it would make in my life. I had suffered with anxiety for as long as I could remember which turned into Chronic Fatigue, adrenal burnout - call it what you want - about 4 years ago. I became housebound, suicidal at one stage and pretty much just existed from the time I got up until the time I could go back to bed.

I had made some progress over the past few years trying just about everything out there in the natural health field. I had become so sensitive to supplements that about 12 months ago I stopped trying and began to focus on things like meditation, EFT, energy work, yoga, life coaching. You name it, I tried it. It became a full time job just trying to relax my system. I kept thinking it had to be easier than this. Why is life so hard for me and other people seem to breeze through?

I have always struggled with social anxiety and even spending time with my family was something to be endured not enjoyed. Last Easter my eldest son and his newly pregnant wife visited for a couple of days and I spent the time just trying to manage my symptoms. I was relieved when they went and really wasn’t able to enjoy having them visit at all. The thought of becoming a Grandmother and being needed and involved in this new person’s life was overwhelming and I couldn’t see how I could cope which was heart-breaking to me.

3 months into the year long program at Easter 2018 I had a visit from them again with a four 4 month old grandson, which was wonderful. I was able to spend time with my grandson and enjoy his activities instead of worrying about myself. I was still dealing with some symptoms but they were less severe and somehow didn’t seem so scary.

I had always struggled to be out at restaurants or cafes - always worried about my symptoms and how I would cope and felt pretty awful most of the time too. Last weekend we visited our kids in Adelaide and went out for lunch both days without even thinking about if I would be OK. There just wasn’t any thinking around it - I just went and enjoyed the meal. I remember thinking on the Sunday how different it felt to be feeling happy and relaxed while out somewhere. I don’t remember the last time I felt like that and I really enjoyed my meal too!

Somewhere in the past few months my anxiety seems to have receded. It just isn’t there anymore. I can drive into town (we live on a farm about 20 minutes from the nearest town) and don’t even dread it anymore. I used to do tapping, deep breathing, listen to calming music just so I could drive into town. At one stage I couldn’t drive or leave the house at all. Now I just drive and don’t even think about it. Occasionally I remember those old thoughts and the old habitual thinking crops up but now I recognise it and know what’s happening so it doesn’t last as long and it’s not as important anymore.

My husband and his parents, who are probably the people who I see the most and who definitely saw me at my worst have all commented on how I seem to so much brighter and better and I feel it too. My mood is generally a lot happier, my energy is improving and I know how far I’ve come just in a few months.

Sarah has helped me find my own way out of the prison I had unwittingly made for myself. My time spent with my family and my new grandson is now precious and joyful. I am able to be ‘with’ my family instead of being in my head so much, that all I could do was ‘endure’ family and social events, well endure my whole life really. My health and energy are returning and I can’t believe how different my experience of my life is from 12 months ago.

My day to day life hasn’t changed all that much, but my day to day experience is so different. So much easier and peaceful. I babysat my little grandson recently and I commented to my daughter in law when she got home that I hadn’t laughed so much in one day for such a long time. Thank you Sarah for helping me find a whole new way of living my life

If I could go back in time before I met Sarah I would tell myself to give it a go. What have I got to lose. There is always hope and this has been truly life changing.

With love and gratitude, Heather.
I have been working with Sarah for 12 months and my life has changed quite dramatically. I don’t take my thinking so seriously anymore, and just marvel how it tries to trick me into thinking things are true. 

I find all of life more special, have more trust in my body but also don’t give myself a hard time when symptoms or busy mind takes over and I fall into the outside/in thinking. It’s often just funny or I get curious and just be kind to myself. 

My relationship has improved, it’s hard to say how, but I just don’t take things personally, and get really intrigued with how my partner thinks about things. 

Before this understanding I was obsessed with my health, but I have seen how my constant ruminating was actually making me stay in the cycle of tiredness and anxiety. 

I actually know now that my history or past has no affect on the me who is here in the now. 

For probably 8 years or more I have taken a large amount of supplements and now take just a few. I used to pace myself through the week and now sometimes I stop and think, wow haven’t thought that way for ages. I just do things as they come up, or don’t, it’s that simple. 

I would have loved to have come into contact with this understanding sooner, but had the best realisation walking the other day when I thought, I have this now for the rest of my life (which hopefully will be another 20 years) and I got sooo ! excited, it really thrilled me that I can keep learning and being involved in this understanding. 

Thanks Sarah, you know how much I have loved it, and will continue the journey.

Hope to see you in the person life one day, Rhonda xxx
I Just want to say thank you for delivering such valuable and on-point content program. It might be that it’s the perfect time for me to be receiving it, but I’m put in mind of when I consulted a naturopath early on in my CFS journey, where I was given blood tests, put on supplements (which cost A LOT of money), given lots of recipes for alternative meals, and then ‘coached’ on the rest of my life. 

When I say coached, the practitioner sat with a list of coaching questions in front of her, and asked me them. I could see the point, but there was little connection. The supplements only helped a bit, but being unable to work, I couldn’t sustain the cost and I had a gut feeling I was missing the mark and sending a lot of money down the drain.  

The difference here is that Sarah is drip feeding information that is both relevant and manageable. Baby steps rather than a splurge of ‘to-do’s’ that are just too much at once, both financially and practically when you have very limited energy in the first place. With this program however, the fact that I can engage, absorb, ask questions, incorporate a bit at a time, and then get some feedback in terms of changes in how I feel, keeps inspiring me to go back and incorporate another step when I’m ready.  

My hope would be that more people in similar positions can be exposed to this bit of the jigsaw in the way Sarah does it, and be empowered with what this program offers. Paula x

Veronika Kuehn


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I started working with Sarah after hearing her at a talk last year and was impressed when she explained the way she works, the types of problems she helps clients with and how it changes their lives. I was very sick at the time and life felt quite hopeless. I felt helpless and exhausted all the time.

I had been suffering bad migraines for 8 years with a constant unrelenting migraine for 8 months. I also had fibromyalgia; my limbs constantly hurt, I felt very weak and at times couldn’t function. I was literally exhausted 24/7. When I got up in the morning I didn’t feel refreshed, even after 14 hours and I was sleeping for 1 to 2 hours in the afternoon too, just to get through the day. I’m self employed and could only work a certain amount of hours a day.

My life was pretty much sleeping or working and I didn’t have any extra energy to do anything else.I must have seen up to 25 doctors and health practitioners over the years and no one knew what was going on.

It was the first time in years and years that I deeply relaxed and felt reassured that Sarah could really help me. I really felt supported in Sarah’s hands. For someone who was chronically exhausted and had pains all the time that was a really big thing.I am still recovering, but having worked with Sarah for just 3 months, I now have a completely different level of energy. I have days when I feel like a normal person now, which is quite amazing.

I sometimes still get some aching or a slight migraine headache, but I know now why and what to do about it. When I’m really on track with my diet and supplements and the naturopathic techniques I don’t get any pains or headaches. I’ve had maybe only 2 headaches in the last 3 months and the intensity is much, much lower. My energy has improved a lot and I don’t notice any aching or only at a very low level now. Before it was so debilitating.  

I’m out of bed most of the time now. I sleep much less, and I’m much more active as I have more energy. I’m not held back by pain. I’m still healing but I’m starting to have a life. I’m meeting friends again and starting to go out again.