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Nadeem Azam



Sarah Phipp’s dynamite course resulted from an unyielding passion she has held for more than a decade to learn how the mind works and the impact of that on one’s psychological and physiological well-being, including our relationship with the world around us, our interactions with others, and our physical health.

What Sarah taught us what not the run-of-the-mill techniques you often come across on other courses; it was turned paradigms proselytised by others upside-down, and provided a potent means by which to finally take control of an overactive and/or unfocused mind and live a calmer, healthier, more efficient and more fruitful life.

I always believe the proof of the pudding is in the eating. During the breaks in the course, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak on a one-to-one basis with four different individuals who had been coached by Sarah and all of them were overwhelming in their praise for Sarah, unanimous that her principles have radically improved their cognitions, how they perceive and handle matters, and, ultimately, their entire lives.

I myself can’t thank Sarah highly enough. The paradigm shift we were taught is nothing less than life-changing and has already set me on the path towards taming the hitherto uncontrollable beast than has been my mind!

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Tessa Odoni




After the event my head was in a really good place. When I got home and looked around I thought “wow, none of this really matters does it?” and I’ve been in that space ever since. I’ve been a lot calmer and more present. I’ve really enjoyed using more ‘full stops’ and ‘less commas’ in my thinking. I now notice when I start over evaluating or over thinking something and with that awareness, I stop.

I thought I was already aware of my thinking but since the event I’ve realised I wasn’t. I’ve noticed how much time I spend thinking about things I don’t want to think about, particularly about the past. I don’t want to relive past hurts or traumas over and over again and I now understand that is what I was doing.

The best thing I heard Sarah say during the event was that I’m not broken and that the past has nothing to do with now. It brings tears to my eyes just typing those words. I had heard other people say this but I had never received the words so deeply before. I thought my past had left me wounded and broken and to hear that this is not true was the most amazing, life changing news.

I used to think that I would never get into a new relationship because my ‘picker’ was broken and I couldn’t possibly be responsible for choosing a new boyfriend. Now I know this is not true. My picker is just fine, I am just fine and I feel excited about meeting someone new.

My relationship with my daughter has already improved and there is a new lightness to it that wasn’t there before. During the event I learnt how important curiosity is in parenting and in the context of ‘none of this really matters’ I have let go of a lot of stuff which has led to less struggle and more harmony and peace in our house.

Finding Sarah has been a gift. What she teaches is exactly what I have been searching for and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to experience my life in a completely different way.

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Claire Kidd



Something made me attend last weekend, I just knew I had to, and I’m so glad I did. I feel like a different person already, things are shifting and moving and I can’t explain how or why, and I’m not even trying to understand it, I’m just enjoying it.

All I keep saying is “Wow” lol! I’m seeing and being with my kids fully, I’m less stressed at work. My mind is less busy and I feel calmer. I thank you deeply from my heart for the glimpse you have given me into this new life it is exactly where and what I have been searching for.

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Kathryn Slater



That was an amazing course thank you so much. My head has been full up reflecting about it all this week. I’ve been very quiet and reflective. adjusting to this new reality. I haven’t felt like I got much work done at work, but I am not overly worried about this in the slightest. So much makes sense and although I wasn’t quite fully there in the realisation, it hit me hard on Sunday lunchtime.

It is incredibly easy to get caught up in illusions - everyday I am noticing this. It’s fascinating. I have stopped worrying about the future. I’ve stopped seeing some things as ‘a problem’ now and feel much lighter.

I am also looking at a relationship I have in a whole different light. So thank you from the bottom of my heart because it has eased much anxiety I hadn’t even realised was there.

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Christine Swift



I had the most amazing time on the course and it has had a profound impact on me.

I will send Sarah a personal update as I can’t thank her enough for the way in which she worked with us all and it was clear how dedicated she was to making a difference to every person attending.

Kerry Moallemi



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I have been to a couple of Sarah’s events now and the best way I think I can describe them are by likening them to a feeling your body gets when you’ve visited an amazing spa; you feel alive, rejuvenated but calm and relaxed. It’s like that but applies to your mind rather than your physical body.  

The added bonus is that, unlike a spa where your body soon feels tired and sluggish and the relaxed spa day is a distant memory all too soon, this feeling of wellbeing keeps coming through at different times, and for weeks and months after. You have a lot of ‘aha’ moments even when you don’t expect them.

For me personally the events are invaluable days for everything and nothing all at once and Sarah makes you feel instantly calmer, reassured and better, she is an amazing trainer.

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Claire Tompkins



After attending Sarah’s event I experienced a real sense of calm and peace. The insights that I experienced on the weekend have resonated with me on lots of difference levels and have stayed with me.

Sarah shares her understanding using real life examples that bring this understanding to life without jargon or hype. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone trying to deal with life’s stresses and who wants an increase in clarity and quality of life.

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Mary McAreavey



Thank you so much for an inspirational event After leaving the venue I found myself feeling unusually calm and peaceful. Everything around me seemed brighter and clearer like I was seeing life through a new filter. It was really uplifting and has left me wanting to find out more.